We played tourist in our own city

Last weekend my step-daughter, Becky, came up to York for a visit.  She hasn’t been up here for a few years (except for about 30 minutes when we got back from Disney last year) and this was the first time she’d driven herself.  So, we all had a day off we decided to go and be tourists in York.  I love my city and I know that there are lots of things to do but we never seem to go and enjoy it the same way as tourists do so this was a chance to try something new.

First of all we went on the Wheel of York as it is something that my son and I have wanted to do for a few years.  The Wheel used to be at the National Railway Museum but they took it down a couple of years ago and a new Wheel was put up either at the end of last year or the beginning of this year, I can’t remember, and will be there until 2013.  It cost £8.50 each and I have to say it was worth it.  The capsules are quite small and fit 6 adults comfortably, as there was only 3 of us there was loads of room.  Unlike the London Eye, which is  huge in comparison, the wheel moves quite fast and has a commentary about York and what you can see from the Wheel.   The Wheel stands 60m high so it doesn’t take long to go round one revolution and you don’t see everything the first time round but don’t worry, the Wheel goes round about 5 times so there is plenty of time to see the sights including the Minster, River Ouse, Knavesmire, Terry’s factory (now closed) etc.  One bonus for us is that if we want to go again, we can get 25% off the tickets by showing the tickets we bought on Saturday.

After the Wheel we wanted to go into the Minster but unfortunately it was being cleaned after a dinner the night before so wouldn’t be open until the afternoon.  That was OK, there’s still lots to do in York including the Castle Museum, National Railway Museum, Yorkshire Museum and, of course, shopping and eating!  We didn’t want to go into any of the museums as my son goes to them quite a bit with SNAPPY.  So, shopping and eating.  I also went in to the Tourist Information Centre as I wanted to get tickets to the show that is being held at the Knavesmire when the Olympic Torch comes to York on Tuesday 19th June 2012.  They are free and we live fairly close to the Knavesmire.

Next was lunch and then we wandered round the city centre and saw that there was a Continental Market in Parliament Street.  I love York’s markets and go to the Farmers’ Market every month.  So we ventured in to have a look at what was on offer and, although I wasn’t planning on buying anything, I did.  Finally, we arrived at Minster Gardens and decided to have an ice cream while we waited to be able to get in the Minster – I wish I’d taken a photo of my boy, he got in a right mess thanks to the sun and the wind.

The Minster is an amazing building and I often take photos of the outside but I haven’t been inside since I went with my late mother-in-law about 9 years ago.  It costs £9 to get in but if you are a York resident you can get a Minster Card for free.  As they don’t get any funding from Government, I don’t think that £9 is too bad a price.  The windows are beautiful.

You can go up the tower too but we decided to leave that for another visit.  I have also discovered some school resources which you can download and print before you visit.  I wish I’d discovered them before we went, it would have been fun to do a treasure hunt or trail.

All in all we had a good day and even got back to the car before it chucked it down with rain!


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    1. fisefton Post author

      Hi Richard
      You can use my photo as reference for a painting with pleasure. Would you like me to email you a copy of the original file? Can you send me a picture of your painting when you have done it?

  1. Richard O'Neill

    Hi Fiona. Thanks very much – the resolution on the website is actually fine but thanks for the offer. I’ve already done a bit of prep work, so it should be finished in the next week or so. Do you have an email address I could send it to?

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