Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

OK, so I’m a bit late with this Photo Challenge but to be perfectly honest I couldn’t think of anything which would cover it.  When the weekly photo challenge was “red” it was fairly easy, all I had to do was find photos of my boy in an old Routemaster bus.  However, “blue” was a little harder which is silly because blue just happens to be my favourite colour but could I think of anything to use as my photo? No.  That is, until this morning when I was making my bed.  The two men in my household (the Man and the Boy) are away on courses/school trips this week so I decided to get my old quilt, which my mum made for me while I was still at school, out from the drawer and put it on my bed – it looks nice but a pain in the butt to put on and take off when the Man whinges about it.  Anyway, I took a photo of it this morning so I hope it came out OK.

Made with love for me by my Mum in 1989