Making a Good Impression

I’m sure we all know the importance of making a good first impression when we go for an interview or meet someone for the first time but how many of us think about our home making a good first impression?  This week FlyLady’szone” for housework missions is the entrance, front porch and dining room.  Yesterday, the 15 minute mission was to sweep the front porch area and clean the front door and the point was made that:

“We have a tendency to neglect this area and yet it is the first thing that people see when they come to your home.” (

It really struck a chord with me.  When we think about what we need to clean and tidy when people come to visit, the first rooms are often the bathroom, kitchen and living room as these are the rooms where our guests are likely to go or be entertained but we forget that the first, and last, area of our home that we see is the front door and the entrance hall.  So, shouldn’t we make an effort to keep this area clean and tidy on a regular basis too?

I have cleaned and tidied my entrance hall and wiped down my front door, I even took the outdoor broom and swept the small porch area.  I must say that it does look so much better.  Now I just have to ensure that the Man and Boy help me to keep it that way!


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