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Driving for Girls

I got my car tax renewal notification through the post yesterday and am about to renew it online but I just wanted to put some thoughts together about eco-driving.  What prompted me to do this due to receiving my car tax renewal?  Well, they sent me a leaflet about it titled “Be a smarter driver and save money”.  It lists a whole load of hints and tips to save money by saving fuel.  They reckon that you could save between £250-£350 a year.

Unfortunately, I won’t be saving £250-£350 a year as I already follow 90% of what they say and the other 10% I have a bit of a problem with.  In brief, this is what they suggest:

  1. Drive smoothly – avoid excessive acceleration and sharp braking (knew that)
  2. Don’t coast towards traffic jams or traffic lights – stay in gear when slowing down to stop.  It does not save fuel…

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