Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

This week’s weekly photo challenge is Indulge and the daily post blurb said the following:

Indulge. When we think of the word indulge, food often comes to mind, but indulging isn’t always about food. You can indulge in moments, feelings, emotions, places, and more! It can be a private moment rocking on a hammock, watching a movie on a work day, eating that second piece of chocolate cake, reliving a memory, fantasizing about the future, or treating or pampering yourself.

How can I do a post about indulge and not include food?  It’s not possible!  So, I am including food but I’m also going to include a couple of other photos too.

My first indulgence is Disney.  You know me by now, if I can get Disney into a photo challenge I will 😉  We don’t live in a big house, we don’t have fancy cars and we don’t eat out a lot so any spare money we have goes on our big expense – Disney holidays 😀  So, what sums up Disney for me?  Everything, the characters, the cast members (staff), the rides and the people I go with (my family).  Our last big indulgence was a trip for my 40th birthday and my stepdaughter’s 25th birthday so I am including a photo of all of us on our last trip:

Happy Birthday, Becky!

Up next?  My next indulgence is that I live in one of the best cities in the UK.  Yes, I am biased but considering that we chose to move here rather than staying where we were born (or, in my case, where our parents settled down) I think it is an indulgence.  The photo I have chosen to represent my adopted home city is the “Heart of York” window of York Minster.

The heart of York, York Minster

York Minster

Finally, I have to include food and that food has to be cake.  So, here is a slide show of my favourites from birthdays at Disney to cakes I have made:

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