Why do people hear but not listen?

Yesterday we had a young man knock on the door, say he’s not selling anything (of course not he just wants something) and ask if I’d heard about Gift Aid.  I told him that I work for a charity so, yes I have.  He then asked me which charity I work for and, as he hadn’t heard of it (I didn’t expect him to after all we are a small local charity) asked what we did.  I told him that we provide out of school and respite care for special needs children.  “Oh, that’s really good” he says before he goes into his spiel about how they are trying to get people to sign up to give, and gift aid, £2 per month.  Did he not listen to what I said?  I work for a small local charity and, while I agree there are other worthwhile charities out there (I even donate or raise money for some of them by doing the Swimathon and Race for Life), if I was going to donate a regular amount to a charity it would be the one which my son, and children like him, benefits from.