Car Insurance

I saved nearly £100 on my renewal quote by following Martin Lewis’ steps for getting cheap car insurance on  Now, I love the moneysavingexpert website and use it a lot to find the best deals for most things from travel money to bank accounts to home and car insurance.

I have never accepted a renewal quote for home or car insurance without first checking what else is available and often stay with my current insurer after they have matched my best quote from the comparison websites.  Not this year however as my car is now used for business mileage as well as personal and my current insurer was not happy with that (I did tell them before renewal and they knew that there was business mileage on it).  So, this year I definitely had to shop around.

So, using the steps on, I first checked Go Compare (I hate the adverts but it had to be done) – cheapest quote was £392.20 including legal cover, courtesy car etc.  Next was where the cheapest quote was £339.33 including legal cover, courtesy car etc.  Then it was on to (I love their ad so was going to check them anyway) – cheapest quote was £365.61 but did not include legal cover.  Finally, Tesco Compare – rubbish!  They didn’t even include a quote from Tesco Insurance.  The lowest quote from them was nearly £400 so didn’t even save it.  I checked Aviva as suggested but due to my husband’s occupation and the fact that we wanted to cover business mileage they wouldn’t give me a quote.

After getting my cheapest quote, I thought I’d just check that it really was the cheapest by going direct to the insurer’s website.  Guess what?  I got another £30 off by going direct to the insurer!

So, lesson learned – always shop around for insurance and see how much you could save.