Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

I must be able to find some Disney themed photos for “Ready”, yes?  Of course, the difficulty will be deciding which one to use.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

The Magic Kingdom entrance before opening

Every day there is an Opening Show at the Magic Kingdom.  We had never seen it before but my son watches it on YouTube, a lot!  So, on our last trip I promised him that we would get to the Magic Kingdom in time to see it one morning.

The Mayor getting ready to open the Magic Kingdom

The Mayor of Main Street USA arrives first and tells the crowd that we are waiting for Mickey and the gang to come in on the train.

The Magic Kingdom is open and ready for visitors


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    1. fisefton Post author

      You aren’t the only one never to have been to Disney World. I know lots who haven’t and don’t want to go. For us, it is our one luxury and we love it.

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