Post-16 Annual Review

My son had his Annual Review this afternoon and, I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about this one.  Not because I had anything to worry about but because I didn’t know what to expect.  My boy is now 17 and this was his first review since he started Post-16 (what his school calls 6th form) and is geared more towards what he is going to do when he finishes school and goes out into the “real world”.  Now, that is a very scary concept for me.  My mind has been eased somewhat, not entirely but I now know what the school, and other agencies, will do to help us with the transition away from school and move on into adulthood.

My son, and his teacher, had made a picture presentation on PowerPoint showing what he does during his week and presented it together.  It was great for me to see, and hear, as whenever I ask what he’s done at school my boy always says “I don’t know”.  So, now I know that Mondays is Personal and Social Development (PSD) in which they do all sorts and last term they learned how shops operate and created their own shop.  He has also been to College one day a week for drama (that has finished now), he’s preparing lunch on Thursdays so I don’t have to provide a pack-up :D.  Last term he went swimming and this term it is ten-pin bowling.  He also does English, Maths and IT skills as well as communication.

I also met a representative from the local College and the Transitions team so found out some more information about what options are available in the future.

It is still scary but a bit more manageable.  My boy wants to stay in Post-16 for the full 3 years that he is allowed to be there so that is a relief.