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Task #54 is to try a new recipe every month.  This is actually quite hard for me as I am very fixed in my ways and very fussy about my food.  I have a few dishes which I use time and again eg toad in the hole and shepherd’s/cottage pie.  I even use the same recipe books as my mother did for all my baking – if in doubt the Be-Ro book comes to the rescue.  Did you know that the first Be-Ro book was produced in 1923 and is now on the 41st edition?  Anyway, I digress.  In order to try to get myself out of a rut, I included a task to try a new recipe every month so that, hopefully, we will have more variety in our meals even though I did say that new muffin/baking recipes can count towards my new recipe tally.

Last week I went on the Change for Life website and downloaded their meal plan as well as looking at Sainsbury’s Easy Meal Planner and selecting out the recipes which I thought would be good for us.

Saucy Meatballs via Sainsburys Live Well for Less

From the Sainsbury’s recipes, I decided to try the Saucy Meatballs recipe this month and this is what we had for dinner on Wednesday evening.  It was no surprise to me that my husband loved it and would like me to make it again.  My son liked the sauce and the rice but said that the meatballs were too dry – he did eat it though when he’d mashed up the meatballs so that they were just loose mince.  I liked the meatballs but, as I don’t really like tomatoes (or spinach) found it hard going especially as I didn’t have any rice to mix it with – note to self: make mash potato next time to mix it with.  I will try them again but next time may just do the sauce the same as I do when I make bolognaise or shepherd’s pie.  I also need to buy a large frying pan with a lid!


5 thoughts on “Saucy Meatballs

  1. takingsnaps

    HI there, I have a tip for keeping the meatballs from going dry, when you’ve browned them off add a little beef stock to them and then as they cook through they absorb the stock and keeps them moist. You say you need to buy a frying pan with a lid, have you seen the price of them lately????? Honestly we were looking at buying some new pans, they cost a damn fortune!! Good post..

    1. fisefton Post author

      Thank you for the tip. I’ll try that next time. I know pans are getting expensive – I’ve been putting it off for about 3 years! I think it is time to search the internet and see what is out there. Then again, one that costs a fair amount of money should last a good few years.

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