The Rag ‘n’ Phone Man

This is something I am going to try in the very near future.  A friend of mine mentioned it to me just before Christmas and said that she had got about £30 from 6 bags of clothes, belts, shoes and bedding.  So, I went on their website yesterday to find out more.

  1. They will collect clothes (including shoes and belts), bedding, soft toys and handbags
  2. They will give you 50p per kg of clothes etc.
  3. They will collect books and give you 5p per kg
  4. They will also collect mobile phones but the amount they give you depends on the type of phone and these are valued separately

When we fill a charity bag and leave it outside for collection, the charity only gets between 20p and £1 for each 10kg bag which they collect.  That doesn’t seem right somehow.  If we sell our bags to the Rag ‘n’ Phone Man we will get £5 for that same 10kg bag of clothes which we can then donate to the charity of our choice and not the charity named on the collection bag.  Even if we only donate half of what we get the charity is quids in and, if we use a website such as Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving, they will collect the Gift Aid to add to your donation too.  OK, before I get comments from people saying that companies such as Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving take a fee off the amount donated, yes they do but they will still donate more than your original donation to the charity and if the charity collect the Gift Aid portion themselves, not all of them do, they would be taking money off the donation through their administration costs.

The other thing I like about the Rag ‘n’ Phone Man is that they will arrange a day to come and collect your bags and weigh them in front of you so you don’t have to leave them outside to get wet or stolen.