Money Pot

I did it!  I finally bought myself a Pot of Dreams money pot.  I’ve wanted one for ages but was humming and hahing about it but today I bought one with the help of my little, well not so little any more, friend (my boy).

My Money Pot

One of my 101 tasks in 1,001 days was to buy a smashable money pot and put my change into it every week.  I may be amending that slightly so that it reads, “buy a smashable money pot to put the £3 that I used to spend on the lottery into it every week” and then keep on putting my change into the jar that I already use.  The reason I am going to do this is because 1) £3 per week is more than I ever have left over in my purse at the end of the week anyway; 2) the tag on it says that it holds approx £1,000 in £2 coins; and, 3) I have a money jar that adds up what I put in it that I already put my weekly money in and I put any 50p, £1 and £2 coins in a separate jar from that – they will now go into the smashable jar with the lottery money.

I have to say that I like my money pot although I’m not sure I wanted one which said “Mums Pamper Pot” (they left out the apostrophe in mum’s, not me) but the choice was rather limited considering it is just after Christmas.  Anyway, the tag on the pot says:

Put in your first pound and make a wish.  Keep saving until the pot is full then break it open and maybe you’ll have enough money to make your dream come true!

Oh, I really hope I have enough money to make my dream come true.

There are some lovely words on the box too:

This money pot is for hopes and schemes.
To help you save for all your dreams.


When the first pound goes in
Make a wish and it’s time to begin,
Savings for all that you yearn for.
When the pot’s full to the top,
It’s finally time to stop!
Broken open, money will pour,
For all your dreams and more!

Finally, on the back of the money pot it says:

For life’s little luxuries,
save your money in this pot,
then pamper and indulge yourself,
and enjoy it all a lot