Exercise – Favourite?

Daily Post #221 – What is your favorite way to get exercise?

What is your favorite way to get physical exercise?  Least favorite? What form of exercise have you always wanted to try? What about mental exercise?

Favourite exercise?  I’m not sure I have one after all variety is the spice of life and I definitely need variety when it comes to exercise.  I exercise so that I can maintain/lose weight and still eat the treats that I want to eat – I can’t live without my chocolate and cake etc!

So, what exercise do I enjoy?  Kettlebells!  Love kettlebells.  Never heard of them?  Do a search and watch some YouTube videos.  Why do I love them?  They are a great all round exercise for both cardio and strength and you burn about 100 calories for 10 minutes!  What’s not to love?

I also enjoy some exercise DVDs and games.  I like the Biggest Loser (UK) exercise DVD and the Biggest Loser (US) game for the Wii.  I also use SparkPeople’s workout videos from their website or YouTube.  I find them a really effective, tough workout and I thought I was relatively fit!

Finally, I also go swimming or running.  I enjoy the swimming but not the running so much although I do feel a sense of achievement when I finish the 10k Run for All every year especially when I know that I have raised money for charity by doing it.