Best laid plans…

I had a plan for today.  It was a busy day so I needed a plan to get through it.  The plan was something like this:

7am – get up, get the boy up, get dressed and downstairs to make breakfast and lunches before 7.15am
7.15am – make breakfast and lunches and be ready to sit down eating breakfast by 7.30am
7.45am – get the boy back upstairs to clean teeth etc and ready for the school bus which is due at 7.55am
8am – go out for my 10k training (only a 30 minute interval session today).  Come home via the butchers
8.45am – get showered and dressed ready to leave the house again by 9.30am
9.30am – hopefully be on my way in to town (walking) to my bookkeeping course (I have my exam in 6 weeks!)
10.30am – bookkeeping course.  Aim to finish at least 2 lessons before leaving at 2pm to walk home

Now, that shouldn’t have been hard except the man had a phone call from the electrician last night asking if it was OK for him to come and do some electric work that we wanted doing tomorrow (being this morning). Sure, says the man, what time will you be here? About 8.30am, says the electrician. Crap! If I go for my run, I need to use the bathroom for a shower when I get back. Not a problem you might think except one of the jobs we wanted doing was a new light in the loft and the access is on the landing (which is very small, you can’t get round the ladder) so I wouldn’t have access to the bedroom, let alone the bathroom!

So, no run for me this morning. I did, however, get up at 6.30am instead of 7am and was ahead of myself until the boy got his bus to school. I also caught up on my work in the hour I had at home instead of running, hence the time for blogging instead of working. I did walk in to town and home again so still got my exercise in too.

I have an extra run on the training plan this week (on Sunday) anyway so today’s run shouldn’t be missed. I’ll also add an extra walk in tomorrow and walk to Tesco instead of having a “rest” day.