Aisle or Window?

Topic #173:  Do you prefer the aisle or window when traveling? Why?

This was the Daily Post topic yesterday but I didn’t get round to writing it until now.

I actually don’t mind whether I have an aisle or a window seat.  It depends more on who I am traveling with at the time.  My husband prefers the window as he likes to look out and see where we are especially during take-off and landing.  If there are three of us travelling, we usually try to get 3 seats together next to the window so that my husband gets the window, my son is in the middle and I get the aisle.  I prefer this as I am the one who is most likely to need to go to the toilet so it saves me having to climb over everyone else.

When we go on holiday this year, there will be four of us flying so we are getting 2 sets of 2 seats with a window and aisle in each set.  I will choose to have an aisle seat as my husband has already bagged one of the windows and my son or step-daughter can then have the other window next to me.  Now, that will be a fight!  Not because either of them particularly want the window but more because they have both requested to sit next to me, not sure why :-S


2 thoughts on “Aisle or Window?

  1. beckysefton

    A long flight holding a conversation with Dad. Either I’ll be needing fresh clothes from all the PMSL or I may wish I’d slipped him the zopiclone. Plus, Dad doesn’t know how to be quiet. xxx

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