Race for Life training – week 3

So much for the amount of training I was supposed to do last week, I didn’t do most of it.  I did, however, get in a lot of walking.  The exercise I should have done/did is as follows:

Mon: Plan – 30 min, 3.6k, 2 min power walk then 4 min jog, repeat 10 times – wait, doesn’t that add up to 60 minutes not 30?  I think they mean do 5 times.
Actual – I forgot to check what I was supposed to be doing so I did the 3km benchmark test instead. I completed 3km on the treadmill in 21m 16s.

Tue: Plan – Rest.
Actual – 30 min, 2 min power walk then 4 min jog, x5 (4.55km in 35 min including cool down)

Wed: Plan – Jog, 30 min (3.8km)
Actual – 84 minutes walking (6 miles)

Thu: Plan – 30 min walk (2.4k)
Actual – 109 minutes walking (6.87 miles)

Fri: Plan – Rest
Actual – 80 minutes walking (5.4 miles)

Sat: Plan – Benchmark test 3km
Actual – 38 minutes walking (3.34km, 2.09 miles)

Sun: Plan – 30 min, 3.8k Jog
Actual – 68 minutes walking (6.03km, 3.77 miles)

So, lots of walking but not much running or jogging. Unfortunately, this week isn’t going to be much better due to work and having to stay at home for a couple of engineers on Wednesday. I did the planned 15 min walk, 15 min jog yesterday and have walked for 48 minutes today. I hope to be able to do an exercise DVD or kettlebell training tomorrow and more walking on Thursday. My plan is to go to the gym again on Friday for a full workout including a 30 minute jog.