Race for Life training – week 2

Goodness me!  I’ve got a lot of training to do this week.  The plan was supposed to be as follows but I’m already going to have to change it:

Mon: 30 min, 3.6k, 2 min power walk then 4 min jog, repeat 10 times – wait, doesn’t that add up to 60 minutes not 30?  I think they mean do 5 times.
Tue: Rest
Wed: Jog, 30 min (3.8km)
Thu: 30 min walk (2.4k)
Fri: Rest
Sat: Benchmark test 3km
Sun: 30 min, 3.8k Jog

Well, as I already said I am going to have to change the plan slightly. Why? Because I forgot to look at the training plan before I went to the gym this morning and didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, that’s why! So, I did the 3km benchmark test this morning – 21 min 16 sec for 3km. I am going back to the gym tomorrow with my husband so I will do the 2 min power walk, 5 min jog x5. I will then do the jog on Wednesday and the walk on Thursday. I can’t go running on Sunday due to work so will do that 30 min jog on Friday when I go to the gym.