Blog I Like?

Daily Post Topic #123: Pick a blog or blog post you enjoy and write a post about it.

I can’t choose just one blog but I can definitely choose one blogger. It has to be my lovely step-daughter Becky and her Ramblings. Although, if I had to choose a favourite blog I think it would have to be the one she wrote on Mother’s Day. OK, I’ll admit it is about me but I read it while I was at work (yes I worked on Mother’s Day) and it brought a lump to my throat.

I love reading Becky’s blogs but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Becky is a 24-year-old who has spent a lot of the last 3 to 4 years in and out of hospital and, as such, can and does use her blog to let of steam. Her posts are often insightful, occasionally funny and, in my opinion, well worth a read.

Thank you Daily Post for giving me the chance to big up my step-daughter after the lovely post she wrote about me.