Challenge, Race for Life …

After a good start to blogging about my current healthy living challenge and my Race for Life training last week, I hit a bump over the weekend when I didn’t blog because I wasn’t on the computer.  Anyway, I am here now with a quick update.

After a rocky start, the week went really well and I lost 3/4lb. I have continued to log my food and exercise and the additional challenge this week was to set a goal for the amount of exercise I am going to do. I set a goal of 300 minutes. Up until today, I wasn’t sure I was going to even come close as I didn’t do any exercise on Tuesday and I set the goal forgetting that I wouldn’t be exercising on Tuesday. Fortunately, I did 15 minutes of strength training (ST) on Sunday, 60 minutes in the gym on Monday, 60 minutes in the gym yesterday (Wednesday) and then walked over 6 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes today for a total so far of 235 minutes. I only have to do 65 minutes over the next two days to meet my goal.

My nutrition this week has been good too with calorie intake either being at the bottom end or under the range set for me on SparkPeople. Before anyone starts thinking that this means that I am going under 1,200 calories (the recommended lowest limit for women) let me say that my range, due to my exercise and weight loss goal (1/2lb per week), is 1,630-1,980.

I did my second Race for Life training session yesterday – 10 minute walk (6k/hr) followed by 10 minute jog (8.5k/hr). The distance target given was 2.1km and I did 2.41km. The jog felt comfortable and I am glad that I decided to set the speed on the treadmill to 8.5k/hr and not 9 as I think I may have struggled with that. Going to the gym for the next training session tomorrow – 30 minutes, 3.5km (3 min walk, 3 min power walk x5). I think I will be setting the treadmill up at 6k for the walk and 7.5k for the “power” walk. I then have rest days on Saturday and Sunday.