Step in to Summer Challenge – Week 1

I finished week 1 on a high on Saturday. I had a great end to the week and actually lost 3/4lb even though I had been over my calorie range a few times. I guess it just goes to show what writing what you are eating and doing down can do. Even when I went over my calorie range, I didn’t go over by as much as I thought (or could have) because I thought about what I was eating before I decided to eat it.

I also did a fair chunk of exercise last week, walking to work and back three times (one job is 3 miles from home!) and walking to town and back once. My total exercise time was 242 minutes of walking plus 2 strength training sessions. I walked 23.3km.

Week 2 of the challenge is more of the same with the added challenge of setting and, hopefully, exceeding an exercise goal. I have set a goal of 300 minutes! Here’s hoping that I can actually get anywhere near it. I shouldn’t be too far off as I am starting my training for the Race for Life which is just under 6 weeks away (I also have the Run for All in just under 12 weeks) as well as some more walking.