Step In To Summer Challenge – Week 1, Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 of my “Step In To Summer” Challenge. It was better than Sunday but I was still over my calorie range.  At least I logged everything and didn’t cheat.  That is what this week is all about, getting back into the routine of writing everything down and tracking it using the nutrition tracker on Spark People.

I was at work in the shop again yesterday and, again, did not buy anything to eat while at work.  I finished at 1 and walked home before I had anything to eat.  I finally got my dinner at about 1.45pm by the time it was cooked.  I also got my 30 minutes of exercise in too as I walked to work and back again.  It’s only 1.64 miles and I didn’t walk too fast but it was still exercise.

I don’t normally have chocolate on a Monday but I did yesterday as I had 1/2 of an Easter egg left and it was Bank Holiday.  I don’t have any more Easter eggs left now, just the chocolate bars which came with them.  I can manage to keep those without eating them during the week so will eat one chocolate bar on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Throughout this challenge I am going to try to blog every day even if it is just a couple of lines using the app on my phone.