Step In To Summer Challenge – Week 1, Day 1

Yesterday was Day 1 of my “Step In To Summer” Challenge. It went OK and if I hadn’t accepted a Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny from one of my work colleagues I would have only exceeded my calorie range by about 50 calories. As it is, I exceeded it by 241 calories. I’m not bothered by this as my goal for this week was to get back into the habit/routine of logging everything I eat.

Yesterday could have been worse as I was at work in a shop. When I work on a Sunday usually, I buy a snack to have during my break when I am at work but yesterday I took a pitta filled with chicken and lettuce together with an apple and pack of wotsits with me. This meant that I didn’t buy the usual croissant or chocolate bar (that was bought for me and I wouldn’t have had it otherwise) to have during my break.

Sunday is a day when I usually eat to the higher end of my calorie range as I allow myself to have chocolate and muffins at the weekend. I had more chocolate than I usually would as I still have Easter eggs left and had half an Easter egg which was 65g instead of the usual 40g of a Dairy Milk chocolate bar.