Book Review – Theodore Boone

Daily Post Topic #114: What is the last good book you read? Write a short review.

The last book I read was John Grisham’s Theodore Boone. I enjoyed it and found it quite an easy read which is not something I can say about many of John Grisham’s books although I do enjoy them.

It is about a 13 year old school boy who, as the son of 2 lawyers, knows his way around the legal system and the court room. He dreams of being a criminal lawyer, or a judge, one day and gives legal advice to his friends when they need it. The book is basically about a big murder trial in the town where Theo Boone lives and the suspect looks like he is going to get away with murder until a witness comes to Theo for some advice. What should Theo do? If he keeps his witness’s secret as the witness wants him to the murderer will walk with no chance of a re-trial. If he tells his parents or the judge, his witness could find himself in trouble with the law himself. The book follows Theo as he works his way through his dilemma until the last day of the trial. What did he do? How did it turn out? You’ll have to read the book to find out. I’m not giving any more away.

As I said at the beginning, I enjoyed this book and found it easy to read however, I should point out that the reason it may be so easy to read is that it appears to be aimed at a youth audience, maybe 10-15 year olds. That said, I enjoy books which are aimed at this age group so maybe that is why I enjoyed it.