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Post A Day Topic #102: Make a top ten list of favorite things to do you haven’t done in over a year

Favourite things I haven’t done in over a year? Surely if they were favourite things I would have done them? Maybe? Maybe not I guess. I don’t think I’ll get to 10 but here we go with at least 2:

1. Visit a Disney resort, preferably Walt Disney World in Florida
2. Karate – I stopped attending training sessions nearly 2 years ago but still practice sometimes at home
3. Trampolining
4. Climbed trees
5. Been strawberry picking
6. Run in the Race for Life – the last one I did was in 2005 or 2006 but that is going to change in June when I take part in this year’s run
7. Been to the theatre – preferably to see a musical in the West End
8. Been to see the Dancing on Ice Live Tour – I couldn’t go this year. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out in November
9. Been to Fountain’s Abbey – I didn’t go last Summer although I did get to Brimham Rocks 😀
10. Been on an aeroplane – I love flying 🙂

I think I’m going to have to save this blog and come back to it when I’ve thought about it a bit more. I guess there isn’t much that I really enjoy that I have given up or haven’t done. Certainly not for a year, 6 months maybe but not a year.

NB. I started writing this blog on 18 April 2011 and got stuck at number 4. I finally finished it today.


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