April 2011 – How did I do?

April 2011 was a lovely sunny month but I really didn’t do well on my weight loss/healthy living journey. After a great January, February and March I let things slide. I know why and I will explain my reasons, they are not excuses, and I take full responsibility for putting on weight in April rather than losing it. I am writing it down for all the world to read so that I am accountable for my actions.

So, April, we had school holidays – I’m always worse in school holidays than during term time, I seem to eat more and exercise less when my son is at home. Yes, I put weight on in April but I know that I will take it off again too. As long as I don’t go back to where I started and can lose more than I put on before I go off track again then I am winning. We also had Easter and all that that entails – Easter Eggs! My husband was also away quite a bit in April too which means that I had food in the house which wouldn’t usually be there.

Anyway, this is the way I (and my body) work. I will be “good” for a few weeks or maybe even a couple of months where I will keep a record of everything I eat and all the exercise I do. Then I’ll try to maintain for a week or two, or a month, without logging everything. I try to maintain my fitness levels and, although I may go a bit mad and eat things that I normally wouldn’t, I try not to eat too many extra cakes or eat out too often.

OK, so I have put on 2.75lbs in April *but* I am still 2 lb down from what I weighed on 1 January 2011. Also, my chest and belly (the squidgy bit between the waist and hips) measurements are also down and my waist and hips are only up by 1/4″. My BMI is also currently in the normal range at 24.8.