What’s it all about?

Post A Day Topic #102: What do you want to accomplish with your blog?
What do you want to accomplish with your blog? What is it for?

I would have thought my title “Fi’s Mutterings and Mumblings” would say it all. It is about anything and everything that goes around in my head. Whilst I try to blog at least once a week, it doesn’t always work out that way. I’m not trying to reach anyone in particular, well not on this blog anyway, it is just for me to let out some stuff that I’m thinking about.

I guess it mainly relates to health and fitness, fundraising and other stuff that I think may be of interest to other people such as the blog I did after I had researched travel money options for our holiday. The health and fitness and fundraising blogs tend to mix together as the fitness ones are usually relating to training for a fundraising event such as the Swimathon which I have just completed or the Race for Life and Run for All which I am going to be participating in this Summer.


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