Daily Post Topic #100

Daily Post Topic #100: Your phone, laptop and i-pad are dead. Can you make it through an entire day?

The text for this post also said that the desktop is dead too so that is no phone (I assume mobile), no laptop, no desktop computer and therefore no access to the internet or emails. I don’t need to worry about the iPad as I don’t have one anyway. Could I last a whole day?

I already aim to have a computer free day once a week anyway although I do access my email through my mobile and occasionally tweet on there too. However, I do not access my email or the internet every day when I am on holiday. What is the point? I’m on holiday, leave me alone!

However, the question is asking if I can make it through an entire day. That is only 24 hours so yes, absolutely! I could catch up on my book reading or tv watching or even, *shivers* cleaning.