What’s your favorite number and why?

OK, so I am trying to play catch-up with the Post-A-Week Challenge since I really haven’t managed to do it every week. I’m so glad I didn’t sign up to Post-A-Day, that would really have sucked!

So, here we go for “What’s your favourite number and why?” Yes, I have changed the spelling of favourite – I’m British and we like to add a “u” after “o” in words like that. Anyway, I digress. Favourite number…

… do I have to choose only one? As my step-daughter said in her blog about this what type of numbers are we talking about? So, like my step-daughter, I am going to list a few under different categories:

Bus number: 4 – it will get me to town and home again, not that I use it very much as I usually walk rather than pay the £3.20 or however much it costs these days.

Year: This is tough, is it the year I got married? the year my son was born? or even the year I, finally, graduated from uni? It could be 1993, 1994 or 2007 (I was a mature student)

General number: 11 – the day I was born

Time: 8pm – this is the time I usually tell myself that I have had enough time on the computer and finish work (if I’m still at it) as well as the time I finish work on a Sunday.

I think that’s about it.


One thought on “What’s your favorite number and why?

  1. beckysefton

    I’m glad you write more about numbers than some of the blogs I read which went all mysterious and superstitious about that specific number, tarot and what not.

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