What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without?

This is a Daily Post topic and one which is quite hard for me to answer.

If I had been asked this before Christmas I’d have had a long list including a washing machine, mobile phone, telephone, computer, internet, dishwasher, tv… and a couple of years ago it would have included the dryer too. However, the dryer packed up a couple of years ago and we haven’t got round to replacing it yet. Whilst it is annoying to have to put clothes on a couple of airers in the bedroom, and even more annoying when it comes to washing towels and bedding, I still haven’t rushed out to replace the dryer. I seem to prefer to spend my money on other things. Having had the pipe which takes the water to the washing machine burst just before Christmas and not be able to get it fixed for 3 weeks and, therefore, not have use of my washing machine for cleaning the clothes (I could still use the spin cycle) I have realised that although it is a pain in the rear it is possible to cope without a washing machine too. I have a new respect for my grandparents and other ancestors who did not have washing machines! I am grateful to have my washing machine back in full use though and if it packed up I would replace it but I could live without it if necessary.

So, to the rest of my list…

Mobile phone – yes, I take it everywhere with me but I don’t go into a panic if I forget it. Again, I can live without it and do live without it when I go on holiday overseas as I don’t want to pay extra than my monthly contract price to make/receive calls and texts from outside the UK.

Telephone – we don’t use it very often so I guess we could easily live without it.

Computer – I’d like to say I could live without this but if I did without the computer then I’d have to do without the internet and I think that may be the most important piece of technology in my life and may be the one I couldn’t live without. Afterall, if I didn’t have a tv, I could still catch up with a lot of the tv programmes through things like BBC iPlayer or ITV’s ITVPlayer. I can also use the computer to watch DVDs so don’t need a DVD player either.

Internet – as I’ve already said, the computer is necessary so that I can use the internet. I use the internet a lot for shopping and keeping in touch with people. I also run my own business and being “virtual” means I need to be able to stay in touch with clients via email and my website. Also, when my husband works away from home the internet is essential for keeping in touch via Skype and Live Messenger.

Dishwasher – not essential as we do most of the washing up by hand but it is useful for those stubborn/awkward dishes e.g. after a Sunday roast or shepherd’s pie.

So, to summarise, there are two pieces of technology I can’t live without – the computer and the internet – which go hand in hand with each other. However, having a telephone, mobile phone, telephone, washing machine, dishwasher etc are very nice and I’m not in a hurry to give them up either.

Oh, I just had a thought, does technology include indoor plumbing? If it does, I definitely can’t live without that!


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    I wrote this post as part of WordPress’ Daily Post in January 2011 but thought I’d find it and reblog as I have been without the internet for 3 days! It was finally fixed this morning and I have to say that it was really tough not being able to access the internet. It wasn’t so much that I do a lot of work on it but emails are so much easier to read on the computer screen rather than my phone and my son really is not easy to keep busy without some time on YouTube and BBC iPlayer. Finally, I am going to change my bank statements back from being online statements to paper ones. I print them off anyway and at least if the bank sends them to me I don’t need to be able to get on the internet to get them. I’m also going to keep a better record of my income/expenditure so I know what is in the bank without having to go online to check my balance.

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