How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

Snow… we had plenty of it at the back end of November and beginning of December, didn’t we? Staying entertained then wasn’t really a problem as we watched Christmas DVDs (a little early but that was OK) and put up the Christmas tree. Apart from that, if the school is closed (as it was the first week of snow in 2010) we just carry on as usual. If we need to go in to town, we’ll walk, it’s only just over 2 miles and wonderful exercise! If we don’t need to go anywhere then we’ll just stay in and watch tv or DVDs or bake cakes and biscuits which we don’t usually have time for. Fortunately, our local supermarket is less than a mile down the road so we can still get the shopping in, albeit in smaller shops every day rather than a big shop once or twice a week. We also visit the butcher daily anyway so that is easy to keep up with too.

Finally, working from home I continue to work even when we are snowed in so that keeps me “entertained” especially as I have to deal with interruptions if the school is closed and work is canceled for the man (he is a fleet driver trainer and companies don’t seem to want to let their drivers be trained in the snow, strange but true).


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    1. fisefton Post author

      That is true Becky. If the school hadn’t been closed, it would have been “business as usual”. Instead, I just took the boy with me if I needed to go out and he watched tv while I worked.

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