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Diet and Fitness Log: 14-16 October 2010

Nutrition: Calories: 1,886 (too high), Carbs: 245, Protein: 77, Fat: 57, Water: 9 cups, Fruit/veg: 3
Exercise: Walking 22 minutes (2.07km), Kettlebell circuits 30 minutes. No swimming due to ear infection 😦
Steps: 10,979 (including allowance of 199 steps per minute for circuit training)

Nutrition: Calories: 1,573, Carbs: 230, Protein: 58 (2g too low), Fat: 61, Water: 9 cups, Fruit/veg: 5 – everything in range 😀 Whoop!
Exercise: Run/walk (3:2) 32 minutes (4.10km), Walking 76 minutes (7.04km)
Steps: 17,544

Nutrition: Calories: 1,539, Carbs: 220, Protein: 47, Fat: 46, Water: 8 cups, Fruit/veg: 5
Exercise: No exercise – rest day but did do heavy lifting at work
Steps: 3,748

My exercise plan for this week was as follows:
Monday: Run:Walk 3:1 minute intervals x8 (32 minutes)
Tuesday: Swimming if my ear infection has cleared up otherwise kettlebell workout
Wednesday: Run:Walk 3:1 minute intervals x8 (32 minutes)
Thursday: Swimming – Fitness Programme 29
Friday: Run:Walk 3:1 minute intervals x8 (32 minutes)

On top of this exercise I also want to add some walking (weather permitting) and 2-3 strength training/kettlebell sessions. As I work at the weekends, I use Saturday and Sunday as my rest days although I often walk on those days (weather permitting).


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