Exercise Log – w/beg 7 June 2010

I am currently training for the Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All 10k in York on 1 August 2010 and thought that it would help me to stick with the training if I blogged about it and put down in writing the training which I intend to do each week and whether or not I actually meet my goals.

First though, I am just going to write about why I am putting myself through the training and the actual running of the 10k.  I am running, when I really am more of a swimmer than a runner, because it is the only event in my area which I can do to raise money for the charity of my choice.  I ran the Run For All 10k last year and finished in a time of 1 hour 14 minutes and hope to beat that time this year.

So, here is my training schedule for this week:

Monday 7 June 2010:  Interval training – 5x 5 minute run, 2 minute walk = 35 minutes

Tuesday 8 June 2010:  Swimming

Wednesday 9 June 2010:  Long run – 30 minutes

Thursday 10 June 2010:  Swimming

Friday 11 June 2010:  Rest day

Saturday 12 June 2010:  Interval training – 8x 3 minute run, 2 minute walk = 40 minutes

Sunday 13 June 2010:  Rest day

I didn’t run yesterday as I had an early meeting at an employment agency in my search for a new job (that is a whole other story) but I did the training on Sunday instead and completed 2.9 miles in 36 minutes.

I did go swimming this morning but not for as long as I would have liked.  In past weeks I have got to the pool and started swimming just after 8.30am but I was much earlier this morning and was in the pool at 8.15am.  It is amazing what a difference that 15 minutes made as the “fast” lane was really busy (about 8 swimmers) but all but 1 of the swimmers were a lot slower than me.  I don’t consider myself to be a fast swimmer and used to swim in the “medium” lane until I realised that I was overtaking people in the fast lane and annoying the other swimmers in the medium lane by constantly being on their feet.  So, I moved into the fast lane where I am still on other swimmers’ feet when they are doing front crawl and I am doing breaststroke!  Why is it that some people think that because they are doing front crawl, they have to be in the fast lane?  Anyway, with so many swimmers, I got fed up after 15 minutes and 800m and gave up swimming.  I’ll try again on Thursday and go up to the pool a bit later – the advantage of not having to get to work.